Italian Grammar 105 – Regular verbs/Present

Present form of regular verbs in Italian

Regular verbs in Italian are divided into 3 main categories depending on their ending in the infinitive:
-ire (2 types)

The verb follows a declination pattern which is specific to the ending it has in the infinitive:

Amare (am-are) – to love

io am-o
tu am-i
lui/lei am-a
noi am-iamo
voi am-ate
loro am-ano

Scrivere (scriv-ere) – to write

io scriv-o
tu scriv-i
lui/lei scriv-e
noi scriv-iamo
voi scriv-ete
loro scriv-ono

*there are 2 different types of verbs ending in -ire:

Dormire (dorm-ire) – to sleep

io dorm-o
tu dorm-i
lui/lei dorm-e
noi dorm-iamo
voi dorm-ite
loro dorm-ono

Capire (capi-ire) – to understand

io cap-isco
tu cap-isci
lui/lei cap-isce
noi cap-iamo
voi cap-ite
loro cap-iscono

By using the verb in the right declination, it is easy to understand who is doing the action. That’s why the subject can often be omitted.

Oggi mangio la pizza. (io)
Vediamo sempre tua madre al mercato (noi)
Dormite qui oggi? (voi)

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