Italian Grammar 110 – Present Progressive

The Italian -ing form – present progressive

This verb form is used to express an action while it is still happening.

Io sto scrivendo una lettera – I am writing a letter.

As you can see from the example, we need to use the verb ‘stare’ followed by the gerund of the verb expressing the action.

The verb stare is conjugated like this:

io sto
tu stai
lui/lei sta
noi stiamo
voi state
loro stanno

Along with the appropriate conjugation of ‘stare’, you need the gerund of the verb you want to use (the gerund does not conjugate according to the subject of the verb – it’s always the same.)

verbs in -are


verbs in -ere


verbs in -ire


Noi stiamo mangiando. – We are eating.
Loro stanno studiando. – They are studying.
Lei sta dormendo. – She is sleeping.

There are of course some verbs that are exceptions regarding the way they form the gerund:

bere – bevendo
fare – facendo
dire – dicendo

Cosa stai dicendo? – What are you saying?
Stiamo facendo una torta. – We are making a cake.
Luca sta bevendo una birra. – Luca is drinking a beer.

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